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Workers Compensation Claims

Injuries to the mouth & jaw occurring as a result of a work-related injury are not common, but they do happen. When they do, it's imperative to be able to access a dentist who has expertise in handling workers' compensation claims. We have that expertise.

If you were injured while working, you are entitled to have your TMJ, dental and facial injuries treated at no cost to you.

Most dentists have no experience working with workman's comp insurance agencies, but we have been doing it for quite some time. The first step is to report the injury to your employer right away.

Workers’ compensation claims

Workers’ compensation claims can be difficult to process, and not every dental office is up for the challenge. At Parker Dental Group, our years of experience includes workers’ compensation claims, so we are more than capable of helping you. Whether you are an adjuster or an employee, we can help you out. We are familiar with the process and can deliver quick consultations and error-free documents to help the process run quickly and smoothly.

If you have injuries from a workplace incident, we can help. Call us today or request a consultation.