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Bone Grafting

Correcting Bone Loss With Bone Grafting Procedures!

It is very often that a bone graft is needed in many of the procedures that we do, just relax, it is routine, predicable and painless! We completely understand, this may seem a bit scary at first. But it is routinely done and we assure it is at no discomfort to you and is very predicable!

Dental bone grafts are often need because you have lost bone in the area where a dental implant is optimum for the success of your procedure.

Why Do I need a Bone Graft?

When teeth are lost due to disease or trauma, the surrounding bone will start to deteriorate without any root to stimulate the bone. This bone loss can make restoring missing teeth with dental implants or implant supported dentures very difficult or not possible. So this will help maximize the outcome of your procedure and you reach your goal!

Information on Dental Bone Grafts

  • Routinely done when the patient's jaw is too low or inefficient to support the dental implants that are going to be placed.
  • Bone grafts are often of your own bone or other human, animal or synthetic materials.
  • We use special membranes that will help protect the bone graft and encourage bone regeneration.

How Long Do Bone Grafts Take to Heal?

Many factors come into play here. For instance, is it in the upper or lower jaw? What bone material or membrane is going to be used? How much height or width of the bone graft is trying to be achieved? With that said, most bone grafts heal in around 4 months, but some take as long as 9 months or need an additional procedure.

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