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Cone Beam CBCT Technology

Guided Implant Surgery

Conventional free hand implant surgery has been a staple since the introduction of dental implants. At our office we utilize both free hand implant placement and guided implant surgery using dental Computed Tomography (CT). Guided implant surgery involves planning a restoration, then virtually planning the ideal position of the dental implant. Surgical guides are then produced to aid our dentists in placing the implants accurately. Guided surgery is an advanced implant placement technique that utilizes many of our cutting-edge technologies at the Parker Dental Group.

A high level of training, experience and skills is required to master the technique and the digital workflows. We integrate guided implant surgery into our practice for improved patient incomes, which is the goal of treatment.

How does Guided Implant Surgery Work?

The process starts by taking preliminary implressions, and CBCT scans of the intended implant site. Virtual planning of the surgery and intergrations of patient models and scans allow us to create a surgical guide.

Cone Beam Technology - Surgical Guide
Parker Dental-CBCT-Surgical-Guide.